Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bundanoon?

Bundanoon is located in the Southern Highlands of NSW, approximately 120 kilometres southwest of Sydney.  It is almost halfway between Canberra and Sydney approximately 15 kilometres off the Hume Highway.

What is it like?

A visit to Bundanoon is a bit like taking a step back in time. It is one of the few remaining villages close to Sydney and allows visitors to gain the ‘real’ Southern Highlands Experience. It is home to a vibrant community of long time residents, and newer arrivals escaping the city. Many of the old guest houses have been restored, and the main street houses a number of antique, garden and craft stores. Visitors come year round to enjoy the surrounding attractions and the fresh air. It is a favourite destination for day trippers, conferences, car club, and others wishing to getaway.

How big is Bundanoon?

The current population of Bundanoon is approximately 2,419 and despite being the 4th largest residential area in the Highlands, it is only really serviced by a main street and cottage businesses. It attracts vast numbers of tourists up to 20,000 in one day for Brigadoon alone.

How do I get there?

With improvements to roads in and out of Sydney and Canberra, Bundanoon can be reached in just over an hour and a half from both major centres’. It is also easily accessible by train which stops in the village.

How do I get around?

Although some of the outlying residential area is best reached by car, one of the features of the village is that almost the entire town is easily accessible by foot or bike. Morton National Park which is literally at the doorstep of the village is also a great place to go bike riding.

What is Bundanoon famous for?

Although this question may be hotly debated at the bar of the Bundanoon Hotel, the most widely recognised event that occurs in the village each April is Brigadoon, being one of the largest highland gatherings in the Southern Hemisphere.

What is the weather like?

Bundanoon enjoys a pleasant mountain climate with summer maximum average of 25°C and a min of 12°C. Winter is cool with an average maximum of 12°C and a minimum of 1°C.